About Massage

Massage is probably the oldest healing art known to man.  It almost certainly started as a form of structured touching which people found to produce results for their health and well being.

Today massage in its many forms is used to relieve stress, tension and emotional trauma as well as healing physical damage to the muscles and skeletal support tissues.

Not only are minor aches and pains caused by nervous tension soothed away by massage, a sense of relaxation seeps over the body.  A glowing sensation of well being is promoted after a well executed massage.
It has been scientifically proven that when a persons mind and body is at rest and relaxed, the immune system is enhanced and can work efficiently, thus reducing the risk of infection and aiding the body’s natural healing process.

Massage appears in many forms including Swedish Massage, Sports Therapy Massage and Aromatherapy Massage.

Complementary Therapy is recognised by doctors and psychiatrists as having beneficial effects.


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